GPD Service is expanding the geography of its Time-Definite Deliveries

GPD Service is expanding the geography of its Time-Definite Deliveries. Time-critical delivery of documents and shipments up to 31 kg is now available from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk, Pskov and Veliky Novgorod, as well as the other way round from these destinations to the Capital of the North. The company has substantially improved the delivery time. The average time of delivery to the recipient is 24 hours. Anna Vilneva, Commercial Director at GPD Service: “Time-Definite Delivery has already become a popular service among the customers and partners of GPD Service. It is convenient both in terms of geographical coverage and time and has already been duly appreciated by our customers from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Today, GPD Service offers its time-sensitive delivery service in three options: Express 10:00, Express 13:00 and Express 18:00. We value the time of our customers and develop this service not only inside Russia, but also in other regions of our company’s presence. Time-Definite Delivery by GPD Service is now available in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.”